What I’m doing right now:

It’s late May 2024 and right now I’m…

  • …helping my athletes navigate the remainder of the spring racing season: track, road races, marathons, and ultras. We’re in deep right now!
  • …in a good groove with my own training, hitting the strength work with more intention and regularity, and planning to race a bit this summer from the mile to the 5K. (Note: I share all of my training on Strava if you want to check it out.)
  • …continuing to experiment with iPhone photography and posting semi-regularly to my Glass feed, which you can check out here.
  • …working on my email newsletter, the morning shakeout, along with its namesake podcast, which is entering its final season.
  • …reading David Lipsky’s Although of Course You End Up Becoming Yourself and Sally Jenkins’ The Right Call. Shoot me an email if you’ve got any recommendations.
  • …continually trying to simplify my life and prioritize the people and pursuits that are most important to me.

These are the best ways to keep in touch:

This page inspired by Derek Sivers.