What I’m doing right now:

It’s early June 2022 and I’m at home in the San Francisco Bay Area…

  • …enjoying my beautiful backyard with my wife, Christine, and our dog Tahoe. The 4-legged one loves to run and joins us on the trails a few times a week.
  • …helping the athletes I coach work toward their summer racing goals.
  • …working on my email newsletter, the morning shakeout, along with its namesake podcast. Putting plans in place to host a live show somewhere in the Bay Area this summer or fall. Stay tuned for details!
  • …trying to put in a good base of miles and hills in preparation for the fall cross-country season.
  • …looking for new books to read. Shoot me an email if you’ve got any recommendations.
  • …continually trying to simplify my life and prioritize the people and pursuits that are most important to me.

These are the best ways to keep in touch:

This page inspired by Derek Sivers.